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Day: January 29, 2011

Pennsylvania woman that went missing, was hiding, arrested as fugitive – National missing persons | McMullen, 30, from Pennsylvania, left her then 6-year-old son with some friends in the fall of 2008 and disappeared. Authorities found her car abandoned across state lines and her family feared the worse. They were sure that she had been kidnapped. No one knew what happened to McMullen and it was as though she […]

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Juliani Cardenas: Car found in canal silver Toyota Corolla that Juliani and Jose Estaban Rodriguez were in has been found in the Delta Mendota Canal. There were no bodies in the car.  The police say they will continue to search for Juliani and Jose. Authorities have pulled up 13 vehicles before they found the Toyota. Continue reading on Juliani […]

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michelle mccoy

Michelle McCoy: Missing Florida woman believed kidnapped – National missing persons |

Missing Person Florida Michelle McCoy Michelle’s body was found.  Kenneth Lee Thompson, 29, was convicted of first-degree murder and kidnapping.  Police said that Michelle McCoy was killed over a fight over a stolen cellphone.   It is now believed that missing Michelle McCoy, 20, was forced into a silver Chrysler minivan on January 10th and […]

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John Skelton still refuses to say where sons are

As I figured, John Skelton won’t tell where the three Skelton boys are.  They were last seen two months ago.  John Skelton, 39, was planning on hanging himself and he didn’t want his three little boys to see, so he drove them to a friend in Southern Michigan and they haven’t been seen since.Skelton told […]

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