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Interview with John Skelton

I listened to the recording of John Skelton, whose three sons are missing.  Click here to read the back story on this case.

As I listened sometimes he seemed perfectly lucid and others times he seemed deranged.  I can only conclude that the man is delusional, and probably is suffering with schizophrenia.

All you have to do is look at pictures of him last year and photos of him now to see a dramatic difference in his looks.

Here is part of the conversation that Skelton had with a WXYZ reporter.  Tanya is Tanya Skelton. 

Reporter: “Are your kids alive is that what you are saying by volunteering?”
Skelton: “Yes.  I refused to let them go back to were they were staying,” said Skelton.
Reporter:  “Do you know where the kids are?”
Skelton: “No, unfortunately that has escaped me as well.”
Reporter: “Are you purposely holding the organizations name because you don’t want them to go back to Tanya.”
Skelton: “There is a few things about that.  I told them who I turned them over to, and I told them they were with an organization.”
Reporter: “Why not turn them over to Tanya yourself?”
Skelton: “Because Tanya was using the kids against me and the boys.  If she didn’t like something she would use the kids.”

In the second video Skelton rambles on about how Tanya was using the kids as leverage and how she did not contribute financially to the household.  It sounded more like a man going through a divorce and pathetically fighting for custody of his kids, and trying to make himself look better by blaming the wife.

After you listen to the videos, let me know what you think. Crazy or crazy as a fox.

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