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Christine Lindsey Walters missing since November 2008

On November 12, 2008, Christine Walters was found standing naked on the doorstep of a home on Tompkins Hill Rd, over 20 miles South of Arcata and 9 miles south of Eureka, California. She was covered with scratches and her feet were bloodied from running in the woods. She was frightened and told the homeowner that someone was after her.
Just weeks before, Walters was a junior at the University of Wisconsin, studying botany. Over the summer break, Christine took a vacation to Portland, Oregon. She told her parents towards summer’s end, she was going to stay longer and was going to visit friends in Eureka, California. At first she kept regular contact with her parents, but over the weeks the contact became less. Now, just a few weeks later, Christine is running away from some unknown person.

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