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Emergency Locator Bracelet for Seniors

An emergency locator bracelet, helped police locate an elderly man who wandered away from his downtown home.  The man was given a free emergency locator bracelet as part of the police dept. Safe Reunion/Long Beach Program.

“He was safe, but in discomfort due to not being dressed appropriately for the cold weather, which was reported to be in the 40’s at that time,” said the police.

The Safe Reunion/Long Beach program partners the Long Beach Police Department with EmFinders to provide the high-tech bracelets for families with relatives suffering from dementia, Alzheimers and other disabilities.

The LBPD has a limited quantity of free bracelets, which normally cost $225, for those who qualify. Recipients must still pay for the 24-hour monitoring service, which costs about $25 a month.

For more information go to the Long Beach Police Department’s website,

For those would like to donate to Safe Reunion/Long Beach call the Long Beach Police Foundation, at 562-343-5111, or log onto the non-profit organization’s website

For high-risk situations, the EmSeeQ is available with a secure band that prevents removal by its wearer. The stainless-steel band and clasp is designed to require two hands to open, ensuring the device is never accidentally taken off by the person wearing it. Cost includes EmSeeQ (device), charging station and plug.


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