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A young boy was found with the help of Nixle, a new alert system.

A boy had gone missing in Pasadena after his father was arrested for being drunk in public.  He was found safe by a citizen volunteer, who got an alert from Nixle.

“I’m happy to report that at approximately 10:40 p.m. Sunday, young Dylan Kurihara was located in a parking garage at 572 E Green Street by a home town hero and resident, Rowdy Metzger. Rowdy received several Nixle alerts from PPD and took it upon himself to search for Dylan. When Rowdy found Dylan he was still in his child car seat (asleep) and appeared to be in good physical condition given the length of his ordeal. Dylan was examined by the Pasadena Paramedics at the scene and will be transported to Huntington Memorial Hospital for further medical evaluation,” Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Hernandez said in a written statement.

If you would like to registered just go to Nixle’s website.   By registering, you not only get your police department alerts and advisories, but you get to send messages to your neighbors and connect with any community groups that you are involved with.  You can also sign up with your cell phone by:

Text your ZIP CODE to 888777

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