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Michelle DeGrace: Body of missing Shelby Township woman found

Michelle DeGrace
More information March 20th

The body of Michelle DeGrace has been found.  It will probably be a few days before we find out the cause of her death

Her friend Ann Bowan said they had made plans on Thursday evening to do something on Friday afternoon. 
She had also gone to bed with her husband around 10:00 Thursday evening and sometime later on or earlier that morning, she got up, wrote several notes, left them at the house and then drove her car about 7 miles to the Campground Road in Shelby Township in Michigan.

2 thoughts on “Michelle DeGrace: Body of missing Shelby Township woman found

  1. I'm sorry, but If you must know, She did commit suicide, she got out of controll with her spending habit's and her husband knew nothing of it and her home was being forclosed on, the bank came to her home that day, the day she left, she felt she had no other option, in her mind it was her only way out of the situation. she didnt know what to do or how to tell her husband. she felt she let her family down.

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