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Why you should carry a personal GPS so people can find you

Before I head off to bed tonight I wanted to bring something to your attention. As I scan the list of missing persons, I see over and over again where people run out of gas and go missing, or they go for a walk and go missing, or they went to the store and went missing.
Some of these people wanted to disappear, but there are many that did not. Many people end up losing their way, or falling and knocking themselves unconscious or driving down an embankment.
If you are a type of person that goes for regular walks and you live in a rural area, please consider wearing a personal GPS. If you are driving your car in on a trip, take a personal GPS. Lite
People get lost even on trails they have traveled over and over again. It has been colder than usual this year, and making it through the night with out freezing to death may not be possible in some areas.
Not only do I see lists of people that go missing, but I also see a list of people that were missing and as the snow is melting in some areas and people are going hunting or off-roading these missing persons are now showing up. I have seen many cases where the searching party walked right past their bodies right after they went missing but because they were covered with snow, they couldn’t find them.

So, please, think about getting a small personal GPS or a GPS tracker that will let other know where you are, in case you get lost.

I am thankful that we live in an era where we have products like this.  Think of how many missing persons would be found if they all had one of these on them.

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