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Bethany Anne Decker: Police don’t think the boyfriend is the father

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UPDATE 2016 – Roldan pleaded guilty to assaulting Willoughby with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 72-99 months.  He should be released in 2020.

UPDATE 4/30/15 – Ronald Roldan is awaiting trial for trying to murder his newest girlfriend.  Roldan is accused of trying to kill his latest girlfriend by shooting at her three times as he sat astride her on the living room floor of her home in Pinehurst, North Carolina, reports the Daily Mail. Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office detectives have interviewed Roldan in North Carolina, where he is awaiting trial. He remains a person of interest in Decker’s disappearance.

UPDATE:  12/12/14 – Vickie Willoughby, Ronald Roldan’s girlfriend, shot Roldan in the chest and in the abdomen, on Nov. 12, 2014, after Roldan grabbed Willoughby’s 38 caliber handgun and shot her once in the eye. She ran and fled to a neighbor’s home, where police found her.

Willoughby will not be charged, according to police, because she fired in self-

Loudoun County investigators have said this is the same Ronald Roldan that was living with Decker before she disappeared.

Remember Bethany Decker?  She is the George Mason University student that went missing back in February from Ashburn, Virginia.  Remember there was some activity on her Facebook account, but no information on who it was has ever come out?

Now it seems that authorities have talked to her husband, Emile Decker who has returned from Afghanistan AND Bethany’s boyfriend Ronald Roldan, 30 and neither of the men are considered a person of interest. Well, they were, but now they’re not.

This is what the police have so far:
  • They believe that Ronald was the last person to see Bethany at her apartment.
  • They once believed Bethany was pregnant with Ronald’s baby and now they are recanting that because they say that now they know Emile was home in October when Bethany would have become pregnant, so now they don’t know who the father is.  Whoa! This is a major screw up.  They certainly assumed before they checked their facts.  Emile has every right to be PO’d over that one.
  • And they don’t know who signed in to Bethany’s Faebook account….still.
I guess they don’t think it is her because there has been no activity on her bank cards or cell phone, but then again they got the pregnant thing wrong, so hmmm.

I wish I could read Bethany’s Facebook page because I think just by the tone of what ever was last written would tell you if it was truly Bethany or not.  At least the family should be looking at it, as I believe they would know more than anyone.  But they are not saying much.

Sheriff Steve Simpson said, “Some are cooperative, some are not. We feel we’ve probably interviewed folks in this investigation that probably have information we’d like to have, but have been reluctant to hand that information over yet.”

5 thoughts on “Bethany Anne Decker: Police don’t think the boyfriend is the father

  1. Hey, you're kind of being an ass. Chances are good that someone close to her told them that she was pregnant by the boyfriend. Woah! You're a major screw up. You're just trying to be a sensationalist and you're terrible at it. This is a woman's life, not an opportunity to try to make a name for yourself or dog the cops. And it's a good thing you can't read her fb page, because it would likely tell you absolutely nothing.

    Also, it's they're, not there.

  2. I think it was unprofessional for the police to say WHOSE baby it was, it is not anyone's business and the info would not help find her.

    They knew they screwed up, so they recanted what they said.

    It is taking too long to find this woman, and I want to bring it to everyone's attention that she is still out there and needs to be found. If you think I am a screw up because of that, too bad.

    It was my opinion and I own it, unlike your comment that you signed anonymous.

  3. It seems like a long time has passed now… I hope she is okay. Today is her due date, so if she is still pregnant and alive, you would think that they would find her soon when she gives birth (providing that she goes to a hospital). It's too bad, I hate that these types of things happen at all but I love coming to your blog every couple of days to read and check for updates.

    To Anonymous: I doubt anybody really knows who she is pregnant by if she was sleeping with 2 guys last fall!

    I think you were a little harsh on her and perhaps you might be better off perusing through the latest Reader's Digest since these types of things upset you so much that you felt the need to show your arse!

    A lot of readers want to read all of the information that is out there on the topic, regardless of whether it is good or bad. The whole point of blogging is to have an opinion on something and post it. Nobody wants to read a blog written by somebody that does not ever have an opinion on anything. Besides, I'm betting all that information is very pertinent to this case.

    I think the missing link in this case has something to do with her husband/boyfriend, the affair or possibly someone else she may have been involved with. It's not good when there are people that have information and they're not talking… It seems that something was going on that made someone mad enough to do this.

    Either way, I hope she comes home safe or at least that they find her and she is safe. Everybody makes mistakes and she definitely did not deserve this. Please update us if you hear anything. Thanks!

    Derek Bowman

  4. Hi Derek, glad for your feedback.

    Authorities handle these cases so differently from state to state, even city to city, and with my experience, I can tell when the case is over their heads.

    Police are wondering now, if it was such a wise idea to let so many volunteers tromp through the woods looking for Holly Bobo, as valuable clues may have accidentally been overlooked or destroyed.

    Sometimes the media is the first to let info out and spread the word, but this time it was the police, and I still stand, it was none of their business to let that information out.

    It is very possible that the family's attorney forced them to recant, but that is MHO.

    And last I heard, the family does not believe that Bethany was the one on her Facebook page.

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