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Summer Inman: Exclusive interview with witness whose tip helped police

I love my readers as they know what is going on. Here is an interview with a witness whose tip helped lead the police to the arrest of the kidnap suspects.  Also, on Monday I have an exclusive interview with a person who has information on missing Phylicia Barnes, that you have never heard before.

William Inman II

So, on Friday, (one of the reasons that posts have been a little slow the last couple of days)  I talked to an anonymous person who said “they” would share “their” story about the Summer Inman case, exclusively, with an understanding I would not use their name.

No problem, there’s many times I want to remain anonymous, too.  First, here’s the background on the case in case you don’t know about it.

Summer Inman, 25, from Hocking County, in Logan, Ohio was abducted and forced into a white Ford Crown Victoria on Tuesday after she completed her shift at a bank where she worked for a cleaning service. On Thursday, based on a tip, three suspects were arrested and charged with Summer’s kidnapping. The suspects were her estranged husband, William Inman, II, her father-in-law, William Inman and her mother-in law, Sandra Inman.

Jerrie: You were responsible for the tip that led the police to the capture of the suspects in the case of missing Summer Inman. What did you see that day?

Pat:  On Tuesday evening, I was walking with my children, it was between 6:45 and 7:10 PM, when I saw the white Crown Vic they were in.  I was concentrating more on keeping my kids from running out into the road than I was on the car.  I was headed southbound on the road I was on, and they were headed west on the road they were on. The car approached the intersection I was waiting to cross, they came up slow, which wasn’t really all that unusual, since I have small kids, a lot of people slow down to make sure they don’t hit  kids.
Jerrie:  What made the car stand out?
William Inman and Summer Inman


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