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Summer Inman: Search widens

Summer and her family

The search for missing Summer Inman is widening to Morgan County.  Summer Inman was abducted on March 22 and has not been seen since.

Summer’s estranged husband and inlaws have been arrested and charged with her kidnapping.

The police are asking the public to check their land, including outbuildings.

“Investigators encourage  the public to continue focusing on those areas close to a roadway, or near bridges and overpasses, for any signs of recent suspicious activity or clothing similar to those worn by Summer at the time of her abduction,” the police department report continued. “If anything is found, please do not touch it, merely back off, note the location, and contact the Logan Police Department immediately at 740-385-6868.”

It is obvious that the police need your help Logan, Ohio, so do what you can.  Summer could still be alive, and locked up somewhere and she needs your help.

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