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Promila Mehta-Paul: Ex husband says he hasn’t talk to Promila in 20 years

Promila Mehta-Paul

The ex husband, Dr. Shashi Daman Paul, 67,  of Promila Mehta-Paul, 70, the eye doctor that has been missing since March 21, says that he hasn’t talked to his ex-wife Promila in 20 years.  

Dr. S. Daman Paul, is a children’s doctor that shares a practice at Children’s Clinic in La Jolla, (‘burb in San Diego County) California, with his current wife Dr. Janet Paul.  Paul also has a practice in Munster, Indiana where his ex-wife lives.

After doing research, I found that Paul and Mehta-Paul have had ongoing legal battles between them, since they divorced in 1995.  One of the battles had to do with a joint pension plan the couple had: 

“The complaint alleged that in January 1990, March 1991, and June 1991, Shashi directed Adelman to obtain the maximum cash loans possible on the Kemper policy. The loans, which totaled almost $ 140,000, were allegedly made for Shashi’s own benefit without plaintiff’s knowledge or consent.”

Dr. Shashi Daman Paul

Another had to do with a Bankruptcy that Mehta-Paul filed in 2009.

Paul in an interview in 1999, said that Mehta-Paul was lying about everything.

I don’t know anything about that, but I find Paul’s statement that he hasn’t seen his ex-wife in twenty years, questionable with the legal battles still going on.

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