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Kenia Monge: Missing Teen from Denver Colorado

Before I head off to bed, I want to let everyone know, and for those “east coasters” to know first thing in the morning, that police are looking for Kenia Monge, 19, who was last seen on 14th and Market Street in Denver, last Friday night.

She was at a nightclub, 24K Lounge, and left her purse, cell phone and car keys on the counter when she went to the restroom.  She never returned. (Every woman knows you don’t just leave your stuff behind and go the the restroom-but if you did someone would be watching it-was someone else at the club with her???)

This is where the story gets really weird, the police say a man has come forward and says he was giving Kenia a ride home around 3:00 a.m on Saturday.  Saturday?  He said he stopped at a gas station to buy cigarettes, and Kenia just walked away with someone else.

The police are questioning the man now, and I’ll let you know what comes of it as soon as I know. 

Either this is a case of mistaken identity or some kind of back-handed confession. 

Also, the Denver police are trying to find out what she was doing in the nightclub in the first place, as she wasn’t 21, and the possibility she got in there with an altered or fake ID.

Monge was wearing a black skirt, black jacket and red high-heeled shoes. Denver police are asking anyone with information about Monge to call 720-913-2000.

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