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Message from the Chretien family

Albert and Rita Chretien

Albert and Rita Chretien are still missing, but the Chretien family have made a statement they want to share:

“The Chretien family and friends have been extremely touched and moved by the huge response that the disappearance of Albert and Rita Chretien has generated on both sides of the border. We wish to particularly thank all of the various law enforcement agencies in the United States and particularly in Baker City as well as the RCMP in Canada.

Since March 31st, friends and family have witnessed an around the clock effort to find them. We want to thank all the citizens of Oregon who have been praying, searching and providing tips to the authorities. It has moved us to tears at times with how willing people have been to stop their own lives to help out.

We have been blessed to know that the last place Albert and Rita was seen was Baker City – we feel like Al & Rita have been embraced just like they were part of the Baker City family. Thank you for all of your hard work and God bless.” (Raymond & Jennifer Chretien)

If you have any information about Albert or Rita please call 1-877-987-8477 or Baker City police or county sheriff’s officials at 541-523-6415 or the Oregon State Police Southern Command Center dispatch at 541-664-4600.

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