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Phylicia Barnes: Body possibly found in river

Phylicia Barnes
I will be updating on this case as often as I get information.  Do a search for Phylicia above or go to her file on the left bar.

Nadira Ruffin, Susan Loper, and Sandra Meyer’s bodies were found over the last few days and now it looks as though another missing persons body has been found.

Police believe that a body pulled out of the Susquehanna River in Maryland may be Phylicia Barnes.  WBAL-TV says it was told by investigators that there is a tattoo of a rose on the lower right leg.  Phylicia had a tattoo on her lower right leg.

Phylicia, 17, was last seen on December 28 at her half sister’s home.  She disappeared, and her scent trail was followed by dogs to the parking lot and then disappeared.

There was also another body pulled out of the Susquehanna River that is a male.    The bodies were about a mile apart.   Both bodies were African American.

Because of the decomposition of the bodies, dental records might not be able to identify the bodies and the medical examiner will use DNA tests which will take weeks before results.

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