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Rodney Stokley: Missing from Cleveland since 2008

Rodney Stokley

Missing Person Texas Rodney Stokley

Rodney Stokley was only 19 when he went missing from his hometown in Cleveland, Texas in 2008.

He was last seen leaving a friends birthday party on January 22, 2008. Police were able to determine by the cell phone pings, what area Rodney was in and that Rodney made several phone calls, before the battery on his phone die. They determined by the length of the calls, that Rodney did not get in touch with his girlfriend.

Detective Scott Felts with the Cleveland Police Dept. who has been working on the case is encouraging anyone with information about Rodney, no matter how small, to call him at 281-592-2626.

Rodney’s parents miss him and need your help to find him. Please forward this to your friends, maybe someone has seen Rodney. Let’s bring Rodney home.

Rodney is part of the Missing Texas Forty and I went to Cleveland, Texas and talked with his brother.  Watch the video below.


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