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Skylar Kauffman: Police, DA are wrong

Skylar Kauffman

James Troutman has been named as the person who allegedly killed Skyler Kauffman and put her body in a dumpster.

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman said that no crime occurred on April 18th when Troutman invited Skyler and her friends to use his bathroom at the Souderton Gardens Apartment and offered to show them his “bird” and lock the apartment door behind them.

They said because Troutman had no previous criminal history, police did not think he was capable of something more sinister. 

“There is nothing that is of significance that would have led anyone to suspect that this sort of act would be possible.  This is one of those terribly disturbing situations that something happens seemingly out of nowhere,” Ferman said.

Really, Ferman. What a jackass, irresponsible thing to say.  All I have to say is if the police did nothing or if the police came to the DA and wanted to file charges and they did nothing then someone should be fired, because if you cannot see how dangerous that man is, as everyone else can, then you have no business being in that job.   

NO man, who is of sound mind, would ever do what he did to those children that day.  That one act was clearly an indication that he was mentally unstable.

Because the DA and the police will argue that nothing could be done, and because of their position, no charges will be filed for negligence and no one will be fired for NOT doing their job and the whole thing will be swept under the rug and their lives will go on.

I am so sorry for the family.  You and Skylar were wronged.

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