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Day: May 12, 2011

Sarah Townsend: Parents plead for her return In this video, it is said that a note was found in the vehicle that made the police think that Sarah might harm herself.   What in the world?  Her boyfriend and family all look as though they are a very close-knit family, so finding a note, just doesn’t add up here. MissingPersonsOfAmerica

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Gail Palmgren: Missing, husband files for custody of kids

Gail Palmgren Gail was found deceased. Hsband has filed court documents while his wife is missing. The docs said that his wife was unstable and was suffering from severe mental illness after she lost her job at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in June 2010. He also stated that she was writing down license plate numbers to identify […]

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Deborah Cirrincione: Body Found

Deborah Cirrincione Pulaski County Sheriff J.B. King said that on Wednesday morning, they had found the body of Deborah Cirrincione, 54,  from Dixon, Missouri. Deborah was going to the Wal-Mart in Fort Leonard Wood and had to take an alternate route as heavy rains had closed the usual way home. An underwater recovery team of […]

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Zaylee Fryar: Missing baby from Tennessee

Shauna Fryar and her 4-month-old baby, Zaylee were last seen on May 1 by Shauna’s husband, Michael Fryar.  Michael is not the baby’s father.  Michael said he had gone to the store and when he came back Shauna and the baby were gone.  Michael told the police that Shauna would disappear for days at a […]

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Krista Dittmeyer: Details of Krista’s death released

Three alleged assholes, I mean, suspects have been arrested in connection with the death of Krista Dittmeyer. If you remember her car was found running with the doors open and her baby daughter sitting alone in the back seat. Details of her death state that she was hit on the head with a rubber hammer […]

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Where is Branson Perry?

I believe, just like Branson’s mother, Becky, that someone knows what happened to Branson. One day, in 2001, he is helping to clean the house for his dad and a few hours later he disappears. Branson’s dad and mom are gone now, but we owe it to them to find out what happened to their […]

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