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Deborah Heriford: Husband is allowed to sell vacant home NOT Debbie’s home

I have getting a lot of attention from the media on the missing Deborah Heriford story.

On May 21, 2011, I told you that I had received a tip that Harold, Deborah’s soon to be ex-husband, had a wedding date set to marry, a few days after he was expected to receive the final decree on his divorce from Debbie.

KKTV has run the story and has sited MPofA as the source.  You can read that here.

Click here to read the original MPofA story.

There is one correction needed in the KKTV story,  They mention that the Judge said that Harold could sell the home that Debbie was living in, but a source has informed me that it is not the home that Debbie was living in that he has permission to sell, but actually another residence that is vacant, but jointly owned by Harold and Debbie.

For now, Deborah and Harold’s divorce is not final, Harold’s pending plans to marry on Sunday have been pushed back.  

I will have more information tomorrow on another TV news station, but it is only fair I talk to them first to get their side of the story before I tell you of their faux pas.

3 thoughts on “Deborah Heriford: Husband is allowed to sell vacant home NOT Debbie’s home

  1. How very nice that you are waiting to hear the news station side of the story before you broadcast falsehoods, why that makes it sound like you care about getting the whole story before you write about it! I have known Bob for over 15 years and it is heartbreaking to see how irresponsible journalism can ruin a persons life!

  2. No, you got it wrong. What I am talking to the news station about has nothing to do with Harold “Bob”. Oh, and where is the, as you say, “falsehoods?” (How old are you anyway? Who says the word falsehoods) The news confirmed what I wrote was correct.

  3. Anyone that can go ahead with wedding plans when their partner of 32 years is “missing”….is not a wonderful upstanding person. I live in Colorado Springs and that area that she lives in is not an area where people randomly disappear from. She was going to start getting half of his retirement from the Air Force too, for the rest of her life…until she disappeared!! Doesn't sound like an innocent, caring person to me!!! VERY easy to suspect him when his own daughters got restraining orders against him because of his behavior.

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