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Missing Canada boy found in Arizona after seven years

This father will be having the best father’s day as his son who has been missing for seven years has been found.

Valor Howell and his mother left Canada and were found in Chandler, Arizona. The police were called to a Chandler laundromat on a disturbance call and found Jamie Howell upset with the other patrons in the laundromat because they were complaining about the unruliness of her son. The police found out that Jamie had a warrant out for her for parental kidnapping and arrested her.

This story hits close to home for me as my own siblings were victims of parental kidnapping for over ten years. I hope that Garrett, Valor’s dad understands that his son may not be too happy to see him. Heaven knows what Jamie may have said to Valor about his dad. It is going to be a big change for all involved, that if taken very slowly, time will heal. I hope the best for all.

Missing Canada boy found in Arizona after seven years – National missing persons |

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