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Heather Higgins: Missing from Spokane since September

Heather Higgins

Missing Person Washington Heather Higgins

UPDATE 10/1/17-

Witnesses say they last saw Heather Higgins with a man who is currently in jail for rape. Detectives wrote in police records that they found a witness who said the man told her he “did something bad” and disposed of Heather’s body in sleeping bag, down a “very steep valley” near a ski resort.  According to police records, detectives believe one man is involved in the disappearance of one woman, the dismemberment of Kala Williams and the strangulation of a third, and connected to a 10-year-old crime.  The man is due to be released in 2018.  

Heather Higgins
Heather Higgins

Heathers’ mom Jackie Forney now believes her daughter was killed by Robert G. Davis, who is also a suspect in the killing of Kala Williams in 2012.

Original Story

Heather Higgins has been missing since September 2010.  She was last seen leaving her apartment complex at 10th and Cherry on the Lower South Hill with a male acquaintance.  She had her purse and her backpack with her.

The male was questioned and he said that he dropped Heather off at her apartment later that day.  No one saw her enter her apartment.

But, Jackie Forney, Heather’s mom is worried that something terrible may have happened to her daughter, as she knows she would not have left her cats behind.

Heather not only left her cats, but her car, wallet and keys in the apartment.

Heather has blonde hair, blue/hazel eyes, and has a knife wound scar on her chest and upper back and he may be missing a toenail on her big toes.  She has scoliosis and wears eyeglasses while driving or reading and she is a heavy smoker. Heather suffers from bipolar disorder, and she may not be taking her medication and she has a warrant out for her arrest, but they are only misdemeanor warrants and not enough to cause her to avoid the law nor hide.


If you have any information about Heather please call the Crime Check at 509-456-2233.  You can also leave me an anonymous tip.  Thanks!

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