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Dr. Drew takes a closer look at Krystal Holloway’s upcoming testimony

The defense plans to call Krystal Holloway to the stand to testify.  Krystal is George Anthony’s alleged mistress.  The defense is anticipating that Krystal will say that Caylee’s death was an accidents.

“This is the way they do it. Now, [Krystal’s] going to say that George said to her that this was an accident that snowballed out of control. The prosecution’s going to object, ‘that’s hearsay,’ but the judge is going to let it in because it goes to impeach George’s earlier testimony that he knew nothing about an accident, or a drowning or anything like that. This is going to help the defense.” said Mark Eiglarsh.

But, Robin Sax, a former Prosecutor, thinks this testimony won’t prove the defense’s case at all,
“The prosecutor is then going to have to go through and then present all these other pieces of evidence that in the end, is going to make this just another red herring that’s going to not amount to much, other than to look like he’s a bad dirty guy. And who really cares? If you’re the prosecutor, the fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree and so he’s one other scumbag in the family of scumbags.”

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