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Deborah Heriford: Husband goes through with wedding plans…kinda

There are many stories on Debbie Heriford, please put “Heriford” in the search box above to read them all.

Debbie Heriford has been missing since March, and back in May I told you that her soon to be  ex-husband was planning on getting married in Estes Park to his long-time girlfriend as soon as the divorce was final on May 24th.

I now have received inside information that he has gone through with his plans and married  Karen Vindelov.  Well, kinda.

Karen and Bob had a wedding ceremony, they said, I do, but it isn’t legal, because he is still married to Debbie Heriford.

Back on May 24, when Bob went for the final divorce hearing, because Debbie was still missing and not able to appear, the Judge would not allow the final decree.

Harold canceled his official wedding plans after the Judges motion, but I guess after some reconsideration, decided to go through with the “ceremony” even though he would not be officially married, something that even has the police scratching their heads.

So, as it stands, Bob and Karen had a fake marriage and are pretending to be married.  I’m sure they have their reasons.

15 thoughts on “Deborah Heriford: Husband goes through with wedding plans…kinda

  1. You are the most irresponsible journalist/information provider I have ever come across. Where do you get this crap? Not one of your “insider facts” is true. Mr Heriford requested that the divorce be set aside, not the judge. The judge had already said that even though she is missing he could get a divorce if he wants. There was no “Fake Wedding” or what ever you are trying to imply. Your insider is simply an angry. bitter person with nothing else better to do! have you ever even TRIED to call Karen or Bob?

  2. Really, the police are scratching their heads? Is that because they are stumped that ALL of the forensic evidence came back and nothing implicates Mr Heriford or Ms Vindelov?

  3. I have known Bob over over 12-years. Not sure where you are getting your information, but it is just not true. Was there going to be a wedding – yes – it was planned in Feb. Who requested the divorce be place on hold – it was Bob (via his lawyer – I was in the court room). Why was the divorce place on hold – what Bob told me was he believe it was not fair to Debbie, as there was no division of property at that point. What did Bob want from the 30+ years of martial assets? Tools that belonged to his dead father, pictures of his death father and one other item I cannot remeber. You paint this guy like some sort of wild animal. I know him better than most and I find him to be a kind, giving man and yes – with some minor faults. You must be somehow more qualified than me as I see you have picked up the first rock

  4. Dean Anonymouses or should I said Dear Anonymous because I am sure that all three comments were from the same person.

    No, I have not tried to call Karen or Bob, but most of the media in Colorado Springs has and they won't talk to anyone, so I don't see any point in me doing it.

    No, the police are scratching their heads because why would Bob and Karen go through a ceremony that wasn't legal.

    I know you have known him over 12-years because you told me so the last time you wrote.

    I am sorry that you feel the facts make Bob look bad.

  5. Well it is awesome that you and the local media feel it is acceptable to write random, unverified facts however you are doing a major disservice to the general public. Bob and Karen are not indulging the press because they have class and refuse to stoop to the level of the disgruntled children (though they are all over 18, they are acting like spoiled brats). Taking the high road comes at a great cost, however they feel it is the right thing to do, and you should be ashamed of yourself.
    And no, your FACTs do not make Bob look bad, they make you look like an idiot and a fake. God love the 1st amendment or you would be out of business! If this website doesn't work out for you, I think the National Inquirer or Star magazine have an opening. And no, I did not write all of these comments, guess your crystal ball is a little off today!

  6. What makes you think Karen wrote this? There are plenty of people advising her to take legal action against you. Not like the mindless sheep that actually believe the gossip you publish.

  7. Spoiled Brats? Because we want our mother back? Because he went out of his way to hide assets from his wife of 30 years?

    True or not the bottom line is he stated to ALL of his children, after his house was searched by the police, he did not care what any of us thought. He was upset because it upset his plans with Karen. His words not mine.

    And Karen i'm not hiding, you are the only one who has ever called me spoiled so i know it was you.

  8. I stumbled across this thread this morning seeing an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette online.

    First of all, my heart goes out to the family of this missing woman. There are few things worse than having a loved one ripped from peoples lives without any clue as to why. Each and every day bangs the drum of a heart filled with sadness and pain.

    Second of all, those anonymous comments made me laugh; they are obviously from the same person. I would agree that its probably the estranged husband's girfriend/faux wife/whatever.

    Third and finally, I usually make a judgment call when I initially hear of a missing person. I ALWAYS suspect a family member, and if it's a woman, I ALWAYS suspect the Husband/boyfriend/significant other. In this case, the hubby has law enforcement background, that means he may be expert at covering up a crime (you know, like making a soon-to-be ex wife with a large alimony payment vanish). I hope I am wrong, but time will tell.

    In any case, I hope they find this woman, she has such a sweet kind face, I can see why her family misses her.

  9. Welcome, anonymous, thanks for stopping by.

    Everyone can speak their mind here, including me, and although I have the control to “dump” the nasty remarks, I think it is far better to let the readers see them and decide for themselves.

    Yes, she does have a sweet kind face. Debbie is one, out of many cases, that I will never forget.

  10. Not only does she have a kind sweet face, she has a kind, sweet heart. Mom was one of the most wonderful, godly woman I have ever known, and all of the people that knew her will tell you the exact same thing. The police have even called her a saint.
    She is dearly loved, and dearly missed. Thank you so much Jerri for continuing to post her picture and her story. We want our mother back.

  11. I'm going to sit over here and laugh at you, Anonymous, even though it's pretty obvious WHO you are.

    Freedom of speech. Yeah, you are free to call the children of a missing woman spoiled. However, they are free to call you on it.

    Karen, you suck. Really. Going through with a sham marriage to a man whose wife is missing, who oh so conveniently went missing when they were getting divorced and, from the sound of it, was finding his hidden assets that he thought he could keep from her, even though half of it is rightfully HERS, and coming out and calling her children spoiled is a craptastic thing to do. You deserve everything you will get for participating in this.

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