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Anthony Michael Martin: Cyclist missing from Berkeley
UPDATE:  Police have closed the missing person’s case on Anthony Michael “Mike” Martin, as he was spotted cycling in Roseville,  said police spokeswoman Sgt. Mary Kusmiss. 

The police are asking for help locating former professional cyclist, Anthony Michael Martin, 29, who went missing on Saturday evening.

Anthony  disappeared somewhere between Oakland and Berkeley hills on Tunnel Road.

Anthony’s girlfriend was waiting for him when she got a call from a cyclist who said she had found Anthony’s phone.  The phone was found near the Tunnel Road just above Caldecott Tunnel.  She reported him missing late Saturday evening.

Because there is so many options where Anthony could have gone, the Berkeley police say they are not actively looking for him.

“It’s possible that he as an avid cyclist and a former professional could have gone a number of different routes which covers 10,12015 square miles of sometimes wooded terrain, sometimes steep terrain,” said Mary Kusmiss of the Berkeley Police.

Anthony’s car is still parked behind the apartment complex where he lives.

He was wearing street clothing when he was riding his bike and his girlfriend said he was suffering from a respiratory illness and had been lasting for several days.  Anthony is 6 feet tall, slender with brown hair and brown eyes.  He was probably riding a fluorescent green and white road bike and a grey and blue helmet, white cycling shoes and possibly a blue Mountain Hardware backpack.

If you have any information about Anthony, please call the Berkeley Police at 510-981-5900.

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