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Jarad Hanna: Missing after running out of gas

Police are searching for missing Jared Hanna, 28, who was last seen Saturday evening at several Alton bars in New Jerseyville.

His truck was found about 50 miles from his home.  The police found that the truck belonged to the mother of Jared. 

When the family were notified that the truck was found, they filed a missing persons report. 
Jared was seen at The Big Muddy Pub, 204 State Street, Norb’s Tavern, 2505 State Street in Alton.

Heather Hanna, Jared’s sister, said that Jared has two children that she watches while he goes to work at Oros and Busch Application Technologies, and he wouldn’t just leave because of his children who he has full custody of.

If you have any information you can contact the Jersey County Sheriff’s Dept. or Alton Police Dept.

Also you can visit Jared’s Facebook page at “Help find Jared Hanna.”

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