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Ki’Yauhn Birch: Missing baby found! Tipster spots them at bus stop

Ki’Yauhn Birch:  Found! Tipster spots them at bus stop

A large part of why MPofA exists, is to get the word out about a missing person, so people can keep an eye out for them in their area.

This morning, a woman spotted 7-month-old missing Ki’Yauhn Birch, and his babysitter, Jonae Boozer, at a bus stop in the northeastern part of Baltimore, and called the police.

Ki’Yauhn is fine and Jonae has been arrested.  There has been no determination yet if she will be charged till after they talk to her.

Charles Birch, the baby’s father, who was watching Ki’Yauhn at the time said that Jonae was a friend of a friend and she had stopped by his Baltimore home for a cigarettes.  He left her watching Ki’Yauhn as he went to buy some.

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