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Tonya Lynn: Missing woman’s body found in Georgia

The body of missing Winder woman, Tonya Faye Lynn, 38, was found at the bottom of a well off Etheridge Road in Auburn, Georgia.

Tonya had  been missing since Wednesday.  Her car was found abandoned at a library parking lot.

Tonya’s estranged husband, James Lynn, Jr., has been arrested on obstruction charges Friday morning, because he gave the detectives false information.

A Barrow County judge had issued a temporary protective order for Tonya, which prohibited James from having any contact with her.

James is expected to be charged with killing his wife.

2 thoughts on “Tonya Lynn: Missing woman’s body found in Georgia

  1. I was a friend of Tonya's. It saddens my heart to know that such a heinous act has been done to my friend. Why didn't the scab on the face of humanity just divorce her? Or even better, if he had to kill someone, why didn't he do us all a favor and rid this planet of the bacterial fungi known as Jim Lynn? My thoughts and prayers are with her family and especially her children, who are now parentless due to the disease in their father's genetic pool. I'm so sorry Tonya, wish I could have helped you. Your friend, always and forever……….Zana Lowe

  2. It seems like a rash of men are killing their girlfriends or wife this month.

    I think the police need to be more vigilant. These men continue to walk around even though it is obvious they know what happened and had a hand in it. But because no body is found, they are never arrested.

    At least Barrow County didn't wait for a body and arrested him first. Good for them.

    RIP Tonya.

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