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Amber Westereng: Missing teen from Monrovia may be with RSO

Amber Westereng, 18, is missing from Monrovia, Ca.  She was last seen on July 14, 2011 with an man around 40 years-of age, who is alleged to be a registered sex offender.

On July 18, 2011, Amber’s vehicle was located on Interstate 10, but there was no sign of Amber or the man. 

The family believes that Amber may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, where a hostage will have sympathy and even like and defend the person that is holding them. 

Amber is 5′ tall, 98 pounds and has strawberry blonde hair that is parted on the side.  She will wear it in pony tails.  She had hazel eyes and multiply piercings in her ears and a belly button piercing.

She may be heading to Arizona or Nevada.

If you have any information, please call the Monrovia Police at 626-256-8000.

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