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Brittanee Drexel: Police search man’s apartment for information leading to finding the missing teen

UPDATE:  12/30/13 – Police have found skeletal remains in Myrtle Beach today, on Tidewater Road off Highway 501 in Horry County.  The same area where Brittanee Drexel disappeared in 2009. Dawn Drexel was called by the police and told the information.  

In 2010 skeletal remains were also found, but they were not Brittanee’s.  There has not been any timeline from the police stating when they will announce the identity of the remains they found today.

UPDATE:  Six months after searching the home of Raymond Moody the police are now calling him a “person of interest”.  

Police are searching the apartment of a man who may be connected to the disappearance of Brittanee Drexel.

Brittanee went missing in April 2009, while she was on spring break in Myrtle Beach.  Police later discovered that a signal from her cell phone came from Georgetown County.

Authorities spent several hours gathering evidence from the home of Raymond Moody, which is located in that same Georgetown County area.  The police are not officially naming, Moody, as a suspect or even a person of interest.

Police have found that Moody moved into Apartment No. 22 at the Sunset Lodge, at 3376 S Fraser St, Georgetown, SC, a day before Brittanee disappeared.

The manager of the complex said that Moody had moved out of the apartment about six months ago.  He also said that police sprayed the curtains, sink and the refrigerator and took pieces of wallpaper from the bathroom, possibly looking for old blood stains.

The resident that moved into Apartment 22, was asked by the police to move to another apartment.

Moody was convicted in 1983 for kidnapping and raping a child in California.

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  1. sHE WOULD HAVE BEEN found long ago if the system proposed at were in Place – Its dratic for sure BUT its time for drastic measures After educating your self PLEASE share the info you find by posting the url on any sites you come across for the missing. DO SOMETHING —-

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