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Son finds his father’s body under the house

Update:  Coroner’s report is stating the James died from natural causes.  They said that lack of food and water contributed.  Why he crawled under the house and laid in the crawl space until he died, probably will never be known.

James Edwin Thomas, 75, has been missing since June 21, 2011, from his Pendleton, South Carolina home on Long Road.

 Shortly after he disappeared, his son, Michael, and police even looked under the house for him, but couldn’t find him.  James suffered from dementia and was recovering from pneumonia.

On Wednesday, Michael went to his parents’ home to help move his mother.  Because James had disappeared, Social Security had canceled his checks, forcing his mother to move.

While he was helping her he noticed a strong odor coming from the air vents.  When he went to check the crawl space under the house, he found his father.

James was still wearing the same clothing he was wearing when he disappeared.   

James’ body was missed the first time, because his body was hidden by concrete pillars and insulation.

An autopsy is pending to determine the cause of death.

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