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Preston Dee Anderson: Found in Belize

I can’t thank all my readers enough for helping me keep track of the missing.  Sometimes I get pulled away on a project and a missing person is found, and that is when, you guys, step up and let me know about it.

That is what happened with Preston Anderson, the 6’9″ basketball player that disappeared on July 23 on his 2009 Yamaha motorcycle.  A reader let me know that he had been found in Belize, and I was so happy to hear that.

I did my research, but waited to post until I heard from Preston’s mom that he was found.

Preston was tracked down by the Salinas Police Dept. by his debit card that he used at a hotel in Belize.

He is no longer a missing person, but he may be a sorry person, once his momma gets to him and gives him a talking to for scaring her.

Just kidding Preston, we are happy you are okay. 

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