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Dalene Carlson: Missing from Stockton FOUND

Update:  Dalene’s body has been found.  Click here to read more.

Authorities are asking for help to find missing Dalene Carlson, 23, who was last seen on Sunday.

Dalene arrived at the Finnegan’s Pub on Pacific Avenue on Sunday, with her friends and around 1:00 a.m. a surveillance video shows her walking off-screen and she hasn’t been seen since.

Dalene moved from Idaho to Stockton in June and is living with her Aunt Margret.

“She doesn’t do stuff like this,” said Margret.

Dalene’s friends said that she continued to make phone calls up until 5:00 a.m..  The staff at Finnegan’s who are friends with Dalene began to text her when they heard she never made it home.  Dalene responded, or someone pretending to be Daene, responded to the text messages until 11:00 a.m.

If you have any information on Dalene, please contact the Stockton Police Dept.

Also, if you have any information to share on Dalene, please contact us.  I want to make sure the latest info is out there.

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