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Jasmine Fike: Police say kidnapping was a hoax

Police have announced that the phone call from missing Jasmine Fike, 15, saying someone was breaking into her house and the disarray of her bedroom that looked like a struggle, was all part of a planned hoax.


Jasmine went missing around 9:00 a.m., August 17, after calling her mother and 911, and saying that someone was breaking into her home on South Olathe Street.
Police found Jasmines room torn apart and an Amber Alert was issued. There was speculation that she was with Franky Session, 37, who she knew, but the police would not elaborate on how she knew him. Also, a witness said that they had seen the two together.

Later the police reported that Session was not involved in Jasmine’s, disappearance and are saying that Session was Jasmine’s ex-boyfriend. The police have cancelled the Amber Alert.

Authorities from many law enforcement agencies have been working on this case from the beginning and after a thorough investigation, they concluded that the whole thing was a staged event, and that Jasmine had faked her own abduction.

Police are still searching for Jasmine as they believe she may be with known criminals.

For this young girl to taint the Amber Alert process is upsetting.  Police already get a lot of grief when they do not issue an alert soon enough, or in some cases not at all.  Hopefully, the foolishness of this young girl’s actions, will not cause a delay for someone else, in the future.

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