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Charles and Barbara Rigg: Bodies found, dog still alive

The bodies of missing Charles, 81,  and Barbara Rigg, 77, from Meridian, Idaho were found outside their Dodge Dakota truck.

Authorities believe that one of the tires slid off the road and the truck rolled 80 feet down an embankment before crashing, near Little Owl Summit.

Charles and Barbara were last seen July 30th.  Family members said they went on a day trip to the Boise National Forest, but when they did not report for a family barbecue, they reported them missing.

A camper on a 4-wheeler came across the crash site.  When authorities received a call that thought it was possibly the Rigg family.

The was aerial searches for the Rigg’s shortly after they went missing, but the area was so dense that it was very difficult to see the vehicle.

The couple was found laying outside their truck, so authorities believe they survived the crash.  They could not determine how long after they passed.  The couple was traveling with their white schnauzer, Sassy that survived the crash and was still alive.

The Medical Examiner will determine the exact cause of death for the Rigg’s.

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