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Susan Powell Both sides of family get into a confrontation at rally

Chuck Cox

On Saturday, missing Susan Powell’s family got into a shouting match with the in-laws during a “Honk and Wave” rally for Susan.

Susan Cox Powell, has been missing for a year and a half from her home in West Valley, Utah.  Members of her family were passing out missing person flyers of Susan, in front of a Frank Meyers on 176th and Meridian in Puyallup, Washington.

Josh Powell, Susan’s husband, her children and Steve Powell, her father-in-law live in Puyallup.  They showed up at the event and stated that Susan’s family was spreading “misinformation” about Josh in their own neighborhood.

Chuck Cox, Susan’s father said that Josh was uncooperative with police and said Steve was “unbelievable,” and was calling his daughter “promiscuous.”

Steve has suggested to the public and media that Susan had run off with another man.  He also said he would publicize Susan’s diary by posting it on the internet.

Josh had brought along his and Susan son’s, to the event.  He would not let them speak to the Cox family.  Unfortunately, these poor boys were witness to the immature and emotional drama that unfolded in front of the Fred Meyer’s store.

Josh has a restraining order against Chuck, so you wonder why he would go to an event that he knew Chuck would be at, let alone take the children there.  Documents filed in Pierce County Superior Court, says that Josh accused Charles Cox of stalking him and using “lies in the media as a weapon to engender fear and hatred of my family.”

The Utah news reports that Steven Powell said that showed up at the event because,  “We were going to get a picture of Chuck Cox.” We believe he’s in violation of a restraining order because Josh shops at this store.”

Chuck responded, “You own the community?”

A hearing on the restraining order is next week.  Will the Judge deny it, once he finds out that Josh showed up at an event, he must have known Chuck would be at?  Or will he side with Josh and make it a permanent order?

Regardless, my concern is with the two children that have gone through so much, and are being dragged into even more drama.  Why could they have not been left at home?

Furthermore, and I must say it, don’t the Cox’s deserve to visit their grandchildren?

Currently, the police are in Ely, Nevada, searching the area for Susan Powell.

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