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Gerrie Lawrie: Elvis fan missing after convention, body found

Update:  The police have found a body and believe it may be Gerrie.  A Facebook page has been started in her honor.

Gerrie Lawrie, 40,  came all the way from Scotland to attend a Elvis Convention in Memphis, Tennessee on August 15, and then some time during the night she disappeared.

Gerrie had dinner with Gene Barksdale, 89, who was a friend of Elvis.  They became friends after meeting at another Elvis fan event.  Last Monday evening, he walked her to the car and she drove off heading to a candlelight vigil at the Graceland, but she never arrived.

She was discovered missing when she did not arrive back in Scotland.  She also did not return her rental car, or answer her phone, and it has been reported by Barksdale, that her Facebook page disappeared, too.

Late Monday afternoon, Memphis police found a woman’s body at 612 Denmark, but there has been no further information.

If you have any information, please call crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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