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Susan Powell: Restraining order enforced

Susan Cox Powell has been missing for a year
and a half from her home in West Valley, Utah

The temporary restraining order that Josh Powell, Susan’ Powell’s husband petitioned through the courts  against his father-in-law, Chuck Cox has become permanent.

The order states that they must keep 500 feet away from each other. 

Superior Court Commissioner Wendy Zicht said that she was issuing a mutual anti-harassment order “to keep the peace.” 

Just last weekend, Steven Powell, Susan Powell’s father-in-law and Chuck Cox, Susan’s father, got into a verbal confrontation outside a grocery store in Puyallup, Washington.  Chuck was there to pass out flyers and raise awareness that Susan was still missing when Steven Powell and Josh Powell showed up.  Read story here

While Steven Powell continues to enjoy the company of his grandchildren whenever he likes, Chuck Cox and the rest of the Cox family must wait for permission.  Over the past 18 months, the grandparents have only seen their grandchildren four times, said Steve Downing, the Cox attorney.

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