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Katherine Cleary: Body found in dump area

You can’t help but believe there is pure evil in the world, sometimes, especially when you hear about a case like this.

Looking at the picture or Mrs. Cleary, a senior citizen from Sherwood, Arkansas, you know this was a kind woman, that lived her life, helping others.  And to hear how she was probably ganged up on and killed is sickening.

All the information on this case has not been released and police are still doing the investigation, but this is what they know so far.

The body of Katherine Cleary, 74, was found in an area where people dump trash in the woods .

Two suspects are being held in jail after being caught using Katherine’s credit card to purchase a TV.  One of the two, told police they had dumped some property in the County on Boyd Road.  A tip also came in referring to the same location.

When police went to investigate, they found the body of Katherine.  It was found at the end of a road where people illegally dump trash.

At this point, authorities do not know the connection between Katherine and the two suspects, Sonia Bell and Rhonda Glassburner-Strong.

Channel Seven asked police if the suspects had found the credit cards or if they are connected to her disappearance.  Police would only say they believe there are more suspects and this case isn’t closed.   How or why the victim was targeted isn’t clear yet.

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