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The McStay Family: Father starts a Nonprofit

Patrick McStay, the father of missing Joseph McStay has started a new nonprofit called the McStay Foundation.  Joseph McStay went missing along with the rest of his family, Summer McStay, Gianni and Joey Jr.  on February 4, 2010, from their Fallbrook home in San Diego County.

Patrick asked me to spread the word about his new nonprofit, The McStay Foundation, which is privately funded, and cannot solicit for funds.  The sole mission of the foundation is to spread the word about the missing McStay’s and also as a resource for other families who have missing family members. 

There is also a very informative FAQ page on the website, where Patrick answers many questions that the public have been wondering about, like “Are the Police still looking for Joey and his family,” “Have there ever been withdrawals from any of the McStay’s accounts?” and “Are the McStays in Witness Protection?”  There is also a full gallery of new photos that the public has not seen before.

Take a few minutes and visit the The McStay Foundation.

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