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Missing Persons of 911: Forever changed, forever connected, forever lost

photo: Mike Caine

You know that many people died during the 9/11 attacks, but did you know that there are still people unaccounted for and are missing?

The number of people believed to have been died on September 11, as a result of the attacks is around 2,977.  I say around, because the number fluctuates.  1,631 people have been identified, but there are more than 1000 bodies that are unaccounted for.  This is because of the the way that the buildings were destroyed.   Most of the contents of the building,  including the bodies were converted to dust. 
Years after the attack the New York City Medical Examiner did it’s best to identify remains.  In 2005, the Medical Examiner’s office announced they were ending their forensic investigation, because they had exhausted it’s efforts to identify the missing.

Then in 2006, human remains were found on top of the Deutsche Bank Building.  According to the AP more than 300 human bone fragments were recovered from the roof.

October 2006, more human remains were discovered in two manholes, in April 2008 remains for four more victims were found during excavation of a road.

In June 2010, 72 remains were found while sifting though debris from Ground Zero and underneath an adjacent road and during construction work at the WTC site.

Although some remains were a match to remains that were already found, an exact number of persons that went missing and are still missing, still remains an approximate number.

And what is to become of the over 1000 unidentified?  They will be moved to a repository behind a wall at the 9/11 museum in 2013.

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