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Jacob Olivier: Man goes missing at Everglades National Park

Jacob Olivier, 23, has been missing since August 24.  His 1998 Isuzu pickup truck was found parked at a lot near Pine Glades Lake in Everglades National Park in Florida.  A receipt shows that he parked the truck on August 24.

A K-9 search showed his scent was near the truck, but did not go into the Everglades.  Authorities believe he may have left the park by foot or was picked up by a vehicle.

Jacob’s mother, Laurie Broussard said she heard her son was in Effingham County two weeks before he went missing.  She also said he lived in Texas, and she didn’t know he was in Florida until his truck was found.

If you have any information about Jacob’s whereabouts please call the Everglades National Park dispatch service at 305-242-7740.

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