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Deborah Heriford: Children call in Private Investigator

After 6 long months the children of missing Deborah Heriford is calling in a PI to help with the investigation into the disappearance of their mother.

Deborah Heriford has been missing from Colorado Springs, Colorado since March 2011.  Like most missing persons cases, there was a lot of attention brought to Deborah Heriford’s case the first fews weeks she went missing.

The case went quiet for about a month, then on May 21, a new tip brought attention to the case.   Deborah’s soon to be ex-husband, Harold “Bob” Heriford had set a wedding date to marry, Karen Vindelov, as soon as his divorce from Debbie was final on May 24th. Those plans were scratched, though, after the Judge would not allow the final decree, because Debbie was not at the hearing.

Then in June, more attention to the case was brought again, when another tip came in.  Bob and Karen had gone through with a pseudo-wedding ceremony.   Although they could not legally marry, they went through with a ceremony and exchanged vows.

Now with no more leads or tips coming in, Deborah’s daughter, Christine Mazzarelli, will be reaching out for professional help from a private investigator.

“Things have been quiet and it’s time to get this investigate going again,” said Christine.

The police are continuing to work the case and have not given up hope of solving it.

If you have any information on the case of missing Deborah Heriford, please leave a tip here or call the Colorado Springs Police at 719-444-7000 and share your information with them.

Remember no information is too small and may be just what is needed to help crack open this case.

8 thoughts on “Deborah Heriford: Children call in Private Investigator

  1. I do not understand why you continue to post lies about Bob and Karen supposedly getting married? It is beyond comprehention that you lack the integrity to check the data that you post as fact. Heres a newsflash, the only person who had a fake ceremony and is pretending to be married is one of the Heriford girls….just about to have her 1st fake anniversary…and second, Chrissy does not have the financial resources to hire a private investigator, she is deeply in debt, having her wages garnished and at has already comitted welfare fraud. Lets see what you are willing to print now!

  2. I will take this case pro bono just to shut up people like the one posting that hateful paragraph above. Anything to lock Bob up for being the lowlife adulterer and murderer he is.

  3. What does finanical abilities have to do with hiring a PI? There is a multitude of help out in this community that are more than willing to do what we can to help get this solved. Why the necessity to attack a family that is mearly trying to solve a crime of their loved one? If you have nothing to hide…why the defensiveness?

  4. for someone to comment on this and be rude and nasty about it, first off is completely heartless, not to mention selfish. and 2nd, why don't you just worry about yourself and keep your big nose out of other peoples business. I'm sure you wouldn't appreciate it if you were on the other end of the spectrum…miss anonymous!

  5. I find it saddening that we have gotten away from what this page is really about. Think about, these children have lost their mother and you are talking about miniscule things such as money?? I have to say, way to go to these kids for being willing to reach out to what might be an opportunity to find out what happened to their mother. What happens when you go missing Karen? Will your children do whatever they can to find out what happened to you? I would ask myself that very question before I belittle someone for doing what they can in a situation that seems hopeless.

  6. I am not a PI, but a journalist. And while I respect everyone for turning to this forum, and for its organizer who provides an invaluable service, I do have to ask, how come the children of Debbie Heriford have been so elusive with the media? We interviewed one of the daughters immediately after the disappearance, but in the months since then, our reporters (& others in town) have been rebuffed in every attempt to be interviewed & to bring their story to a larger audience. Interviews have been arranged, and then cancelled last-minute. In my 20+ years as a reporter, including covering Jaycee Dugard's disappearance, I've never encountered such reticence from a family seeking a missing loved one and it's baffling.

    I do believe our various audiences, on TV, website, FB, Twitter, etc., which number in the hundreds of thousands, would help spread the message & find Debbie. Feel free to contact me at We want to help!

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