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Nathan Barker: Missing after car accident Found

nathan barker

Update:  Nathan was found in October on a cliff near Grayson Lake.

The Independent reports police were able to piece together what happened to Nathan Barker after technicians repaired his cell phone.  Evidently he tried to send text messages after he wrecked his car on KY-7.  According to the messages, he said he didn’t know where he was and he went walking through the woods looking for help and fell off a cliff.

Previous story: Nathan Barker, from Olive Hill, Kentucky, has been missing since July 12, after police found his car crashed into a guard rail in Carter County, Kentucky.

Both airbags were deployed and there was front end and windshield damage to Nathan’s maroon Cadillac.  Investigators believe that Nathan was probably not traveling alone, because of the second deployed airbag.

The area was searched around the crash site, but Nathan was not found.

Investigators in the Nemo Bryant murder case began comparing notes with the Carter County Sheriff’s Office, because Nemo and Nathan went to school together and knew each other.  Dillon “Nemo” Bryant, 20, from Olive Hill, was found in a pond by a farmer in April.  He had been shot and killed.  The pond location is about 15 miles from where Nathan’s crash site.

Nemo and Nathan went to school together and were friends.  For two young men from the same small town area to go missing around the same time period is unusual.

If you have any information on Nemo or Nathan please call the Carter County Sheriff’s Office, or leave a tip here.  You can remain anonymous.

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