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Susan Cox Powell: Police are continuing to dig

Update:  After three days, police on Saturday, have abandoned the site they were digging in after only uncovering charred wood.

On Wednesday the police reported that dogs had alerted on an area in Topaz Mountain, and they had found human remains and then late Thursday the police are reported that there are no human remains.  What I believe is going on is they are saying that there are no human remains….yet.  As they are still digging.

There is even more confusion as the Police Lt. said during an interview that the Medical Examiner told him that the remains that were found were something recent and not ancient.

You would think the ME would not say this unless they had actually saw the remains, but the ME must have made this determination because of the soil, and not because he actually saw remains.

On Thursday the police said they were bringing in two more dogs to go over the same area.  My assumption would be that the dogs alerted on the site, the police could see loose dirt, the ME saw loose dirt and concluded it was recent (meaning something in the last 10 years) and then started digging and couldn’t find anything, so they brought in the second pair of dogs.  Whether they alerted or not is not known at this time.

There is also speculation that maybe there once was human remains there, but this is just an assumption.

Friday morning the police are still back at the search and are still digging.  So far, the excavation is down around two feet.  Dogs can alert to remains buried as deep as 12 feet, so there is still a possibility that remains will be found.

West Valley City police Lt. Bill Merritt said that the dogs were still smelling something, but they had not come across bones or clothing. 

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