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Thank you to Fans

I wanted to take a moment to give out a big whoop-whoop to all my fans on the Missing Persons of America Facebook Fan page.  It is so exciting to see so many people join the page.

The Fan page is a great way to see what I am talking about on the blog and to hear what other people are saying about it, too.  Just this morning, we were all talking about the Susan Cox Powell case and what is going on there.

And what else is cool, there are so many other groups that are there looking for their missing family members on the Fan page, like Clint Dunn, Ruby Rawson, and Patrick McStay.  You never know who is going to turn up, and leave a comment.

So, if you are on Facebook, I would be so happy to see you stop by and like the page and join me and many others that are looking for Missing Persons of America.

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