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Eric Scheller: Missing Texas Tech student FOUND

Update:  A missing Texas Tech student has been found alive in California nearly two months after he was last seen in Lubbock.

Eric Scheller has been found at a homeless shelter in Venice, California.  He traveled to Santa Monica and decided to stay.

“He is doing fine and has indicated his intent to stay in California and live on his own,” said Sgt. Richard Lewis, spokesman for the Santa Monica Police Department.

Eric Scheller, 24,  was last seen in August by his roommates and his family had not heard from him since June.  Then is September, his car shows up with expired registration at a Santa Monica tow yard.

The Santa Monica Police Dept. is helping the Lubbock Police Dept. to investigate where Eric Scheller might be.

Authorities have found that Eric left some of his personal property at his Lubbock home he shared with a couple of roommates.  He did take his laptop computer, PlayStation3 and a handgun.    Apparently Eric left because he had not been paying for his share of the rent.

Eric’s red Cavalier had been towed from the 400 block of Raymond Avenue in Santa Monica, Calif.  He has not showed up at the tow yard to claim it.

His family says that Eric had been living in Lubbock for the past four years attending school at Texas Tech.  He is a 200 graduate of Abilene High School. They do not believe that he would leave town without telling his family.  As far as the family knew, Eric was attending Texas Tech next semester.

If you have any information about Eric, please call the Lubbock Police Dept. at 512-775-2816.

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