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Aliayah Lunsford: Missing 3-year-old

aliayah lunsford

Missing West Virginia Aliayah Lunsford

April 24, 2018 – Lena Lunsford Conaway, 35, was convicted of murder of a child by parent by failure to provide necessities, death of a child by parent by child abuse, child abuse resulting in injury and concealment of a dead body.
4/16/18 – At Lena Lunsford-Conaway’s trial her daughter testified on Monday.  She stated she could feel a “squishy spot” on her little sister’s (Aliayah Lunsford) head where their mother had hit her earlier that evening.

Lunsford-Conaway is accused of striking Aliayah in the head with a blunt object on Sept. 23. After she didn’t seek medical attention for Aliayah that night or the following morning, Lunsford-Conaway concealed her daughter’s body, according to a criminal complaint filed in Lewis County Magistrate Court.

Aliayah’s body has not been found.

11/5/16 –  Lena Lunsford, the mother of missing Aliayah has been arrested on charges of murdering Aliayah and is in custody in Florida

According to the criminal complaint against Lena Lunsford, “police believe Aliayah died in her home as the result of blunt force trauma inflicted by her mother in side their Lewis County, W.V., home,” reports CBS news.   The complaint also states that Lena made up the kidnapping story to hide her involvement in the crime.

7/31/16 – Aliayah would be 8-years-old today.

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UPDATE 2015 – “The investigation into Aliayah Lunsford’s disappearance is ongoing,” said Special Agent in Charge Scott S. Smith of the FBI’s Pittsburgh Field Office. “The West Virginia State Police, Lewis County Sheriff’s Department, and the FBI continue to investigate any and all information that we receive. There have been no new significant developments in the investigation, but we remain optimistic that your efforts in publicizing the story will generate information from the public that will assist us in our efforts.”

Original story:  We have another small child that has assumingly wandered from the home, sometime early Saturday morning.  Aliayah Lunsford was last seen at her home in Weston, W. Virginia at around 6:30 a.m., Saturday morning.  Her mother went to wake her up  around 9:30 a.m., she was gone.

Lena Lunsford

Aliayah has siblings and some how she got out of the house without anyone seeing her.  Plus, the grandmother told the news that Aliayah is shy and never left the house without an adult, so this makes the case even stranger. There has been no statement from the police calling this an abduction.

The Lewis County Sheiff’s Department have concentrating their search efforts on the West Fork River that is about 150 yards from the home, because a search dog lead them to that area.

Age progression was released in 2014

Aliayah is 3 feet talk 30 pounds and has long brown hair and brown eyes.  She was wearing a purple Dora PJ bottoms and a pink sweatshirt.  She is missing four front teeth and was not wearing shoes.

Facebook page for Aliayah

If you have any information, please call the Lewis County Dispatch at 304-269-8241.

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