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Wayne Kirkbride: Missing after hiking on Mount Antero

Update:  The body of Wayne Kirkbride has been found by a U.S. Army helicopter pilot around 3:30 p.m. today.

The Chafee County Sheriff’s Dept. says that it appears as though Wayne fell from the “crest of a steep slope”.   Because the body is in a rocky terrain, the rescue will be attempted tomorrow.

A retired U.S. Special Forces officer,  Lt. Col. Wayne Kirkbride, 61, has been missing since he went to climb Mount Antero on Sunday. 

Wayne and his wife were staying at the Mount Princeton Hot springs Resort for the weekend.  Wayne went to go for a climb and never returned.  Mount Antero is the 11th highest peak in Colorado.

Wayne’s car was found at the Cascade Hill trailhead.

Wayne is an author and has published four books, the latest, “When God Says Yes:  The Prayer of King Asa.”

The Sheriff’s Office with a borrowed helicopter have been looking for Wayne along with members of the Chafee County Search and Rescue team.  Search dogs were taken on the trail on Tuesday and they have picked up a scent. 

If you have any information, please call 719-539-2596.

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