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Day: September 30, 2011

David Lavau

Kids find missing father at the bottom of ravine

Update:  When David went off the cliff, his car came to rest close to another car that held the remains of 88-year-old Melvin Gelfand.  Although the Medical Examine will have to officially ID the body, the family and authorities are pretty sure that it is Gelfand.  Gelfand went missing on September 14.  He ended up […]

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James Donofrio: Possibly spotted on river bank

A conductor has come forward and said he saw a man jump off the tracks towarr the riverbank of the Mahoning River around 3:30 a.m.,  Monday morning.  The conductor said he lost sight of him after that. Volunteers having been scouring the banks of the river looking for missing James Donofrio, 64, the owner of […]

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Aliayah Lunsford: Neighbor say mom never asked about missing daughter

A neighbor that lives across the street from missing Aliayah Lunsford, of Weston West Virginia, told News 12, that he was working on his yard all morning and  Aliayah’s mother never asked him if she had seen her. Also, the Clarksburg defense attorney, Tom Dyer has made a bold move and is asking anyone who […]

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