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Aliayah Lunsford: Siblings removed from home of missing Weston girl

The siblings of missing 3-year-old Aliayah Lunsford from Weston, West Virginia have been removed from the family home on Dennison Street on Saturday.

The W.VA. Dept. of Health ad Human Resources did not give a reason.

It has been nine days since Aliayah was last seen in her home.  Her mother says she was sleeping in her bed, and when she went back to check on her she was gone.

A neighbor across the street said that he saw no commotion or Aliyah’s mother searching on the morning that Aliayah disappeared.

Authorities are not asking for any help in the continued search for missing Aliayah, although they state that volunteers can organize their own effort as long as they have permission of an owner to search on private land. 

Defense Attorney Tom Dyer said earlier in the week he would offer free services for anyone that came forward with Aliayah’s whereabouts.  Yesterday he stated,  “In all likelihood it’s going to be a criminal consequence.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of missing Aliayah, please call the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office at 304-269-8251.

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  1. Is it just me or is EVERY picture of this little girl's face just SO SAD. She seems to be frowning in everything I've seen online.

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