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Kevin Eve: Indiana man lost in cave found

UPDATE:   The police announced today they believe they have found the body of Kevin Eve, the Georgetown caver that has been missing since October 1.

The body was found last Sunday afternoon by cavers who crawled through an underground passage in the Wyandotte area of the Harrison Crawford State forest.

Authorities offered to speculation on the case of death, but they believe that Kevin left a main passageway and went into a nearly hidden, seldom-traveled section of a cave about a half-mile from the main entrance from Scotts Hill Road. 

Although positive identification need to be made by the medical examiner’s office for positive identification, there was no doubt by Conservation offices that the body was of Kevin’s.  Articles were found near the body that matched articles that Kevin bought at a Corydon store. 

Rand Heazlitt, a caver, along with other cavers, was able to use tools to retrieve the body and move it closer to the cave entrance.  The body was lifted to the surface that evening.   

Kevin Eve’s BMW has been found in the Crawford State Forest near Leavenworth, Indiana prompting a search.

Keve was a spelunker and liked searching caves. but his cave exploration equipment was found at his home.  There is speculation that Eve went to that location to look for caves to explore in the future and may have gotten lost. 

Searchers have found Walmart bags with receipts and items like candy bars, and cadaver dogs  have alerted on something in the caves.

The authorities have focused on the area near Eve’s car and they will be resuming the search on Thursday.

If you have any information on Eve’s whereabouts, please call 812-685-2498,

5 thoughts on “Kevin Eve: Indiana man lost in cave found

  1. IDNR was not aware that he had vertical gear and rope missing from his home until this last Friday 7th of Oct., so the majority of the official search had been focused above ground with cursory examinations of cave entrances and a few of the huge amount of caves in the local vicinity. Although the search “officially” has been downsized to just a few employees of the State, there is a little more info and still a huge amount of ground that has not been covered.

  2. They are in desperate need of more cavers that know the area. There are only a few out there searching, and there are so many caves in the area that even the Department of Natural Resources don't know about. If you or anyone you know are cavers, and can assist in the search even if only for a short time, please call the Indiana Conservation Officers at: 812-837-9536.

    Here is a link to a map with a couple of places to meet up with other volunteers.​lbums/yy81/saralee1209/Kevin%​20Eve%20-%20Missing%2010-1-11​/GoogleMaps-Kevin2.jpg

  3. please see WTHR, they have recovered the body of Mr. Eve.
    RIP at least his family has some closure.

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